The Rapture

A few weeks ago I read a story about how some people predict that the world will end, as “The Rapture” takes place, on May 21 — this Saturday.  I’m a spiritual person, and I respect others’ religious views.  While a Higher Power’s plan and timetable seem beyond my comprehension, I’ve been fortunate to have good role models and teachers whose well-lived lives help illuminate a path.  With practice, on most days I can do no harm & avoid making a mess — and on good days, actually feel like I’ve been helpful.  There’s a beautiful prayer that asks “Teach me to number my days, that I may attain a heart of wisdom.”  I say this prayer often.

And yet, the word that came to my mind when I read about The Rapture was: mojito.  I’m not much of a drinker, one glass of red wine is typically my limit.  But mojitos, on the front porch, lots of candles glowing all around, and a simple meal — with ice cream sundaes for dessert — is the way I’m aiming to spend Friday evening, May 20.  If the world does not end on May 21, then the following day, Sunday, May 22, I plan to work in the studio completing a nuno scarf on some of Suzanne Morgan’s hand-dyed “Lipstick Red” silk fabric.  It’s a commissioned piece, and I’m hoping that when the customer wraps it around herself for the first time, she’ll feel some sweet sense of “rapture,” which in my dictionary is defined as “carried away with joy.”

Most fiber artists I know work diligently at our crafts, grateful for the fibers.  I imagine that I’m not the only one whose heart is full of gratitude for the sense of abundance that comes from being surrounded by a bountiful stash; and whose spirit is renewed by the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something.   Some part of the interior monologue as we work is a refrain of hosannahs: exclamations of praise to the Lord.  In some fiber work you can see these hosannahs shining forth.  Work that is done with so much exquisite attention to detail that it expresses faith in the belief that there will be time enough.  Work done with so much abandon that every inch of it expresses JOY.  Work in colors that wordlessly turn on some “happy” switch in the viewer.  Work that speaks of self-worth and the hope that someone will cherish it for a long time.  Work that sanctifies the space it’s in.

Mojito in hand, I’ll ask to be “enraptured” and carried away with joy; say a prayer of thanksgiving; and think about Lipstick Red silk fabric.

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