First Felted “Mimosa” Scarf

Students learning feltmaking often ask “How will I know the piece is done?”  Good question.  My advice is that since you can always work a piece MORE, but you cannot UNDO fulling (shrinking) once a piece has been overworked, the time to stop is before you think it’s completely done.  An experienced felter can feel this change in the fibers; those newer to felting need to pay careful attention in the fulling process.  I thought of this question as I worked on this Mimosa Scarf.

Each mimosa flower is a little assemblage of nine wispy layers of different merino and silk fibers, and this layering results in a slightly textured surface that highlights each flower.  The chartreuse merino on the bottom layer hints through two layers of white merino/white silk fibers.   I wasn’t sure how these layered flowers would look where I deliberately overlapped them along the edges to create a random border.

As I worked the piece, I noted that by paying attention to how the edges were changing I knew when to stop — in this case, when the edges still had a bit of that deckled “cobweb” look.  By stopping before the edges seemed done I could continue to full the piece: while rinsing out the soap, while giving it a vinegar rinse to remove any remaining soap, and then while rinsing the vinegar.  I continually checked all along the edges of the piece to make sure those flowers did not curl under or over.

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