“Mimosa” Felted Scarf: Lay-Out

I describe my feltmaking process as “sculptural” to explain the layering of fibers and placement of design elements.  In this Mimosa scarf, I tried to create the randomness and lightness of mimosa flowers.  The bottom layer is a soft chartreuse green merino; the mid-layer and top layer are a white merino/silk fiber blend; the stems of the mimosa are my handspun, merino and silk.  I used a lot of white tussah silk in the flower layers, and hope this adds shimmer and texture to the finished scarf.  After being wet and worked, the design will lose much of the visual fluffiness and texture of the dry lay-out.  I’m hoping that by overlapping the edges here and there to create softly undulating borders; and with the use of so much silk — three different kinds of silk all over the piece — the piece will offer so much softness and such a light drape that it will feel and look like mimosa.

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