Sampler Felt: Mimosa Theme Exploration

My studio is brimming with mimosa, despite the raw, rainy weather outside: In an attempt to figure out how to evoke the softness and opalescence of mimosa flowers, I crafted a table-full of yardage.  Using merino wool and silk, I created about two dozen variations on the theme.  Sometimes I focused on carefully layering and arranging the fibers to look just like the pink mimosa blossoms images I’d researched online; other times I just played with fiber.

The original layout was approximately five feet by two feet; after wetting and working it thoroughly, it was about three feet by fifteen inches.  I placed three layers of different colors of merino and white merino/silk roving for the base.  For the different mimosa flowers I used wisps of different colors of fiber and varied the design with elements that included my hand spun yarns, curly wool locks, dyed silk fiber, white tussah silk, hand dyed silk fabric strips, and snippets of green prefelt.

I often cut up sampler yardage and use the cut portions to make cards, but this piece I’ll most likely leave whole.  My intention with this experiment was successful: several of the mimosa motifs have the soft, puffy, shimmering quality of mimosa flowers. And I think I figured out how to create the sort of “neon” iridescence I’ve been working on this spring. Now I’m looking forward to adapting the techniques that were “hit and miss” on the sampler, to create long, luminous “Mimosa” scarves.   The images show how very much like mimosa flowers some of the dry, fluffy fibers look before being wet and worked; as well as how organic some of the felted images appear.  I have more experimenting to do, to learn how to maintain more of the softness and delicacy of each flower throughout the process.   In future explorations with this motif, I’ll use thinner layers of fiber.  By using less fiber overall, I’ll need to work the fibers less.  And the finished pieces should retain more detail.   That’s my theory.In the coming days, I’ll hope to share some images from this Mimosa series…

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  1. The pale pink (your forbidden color 😉 definitely achieves “neon” iridescence in this piece. It is so amazing how some of the fibers actually glow with color.

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