The Creative Instinct

A robin has been working on a nest that was built last year on our front porch.  The spot was good for the birds: nestled under the porch roof’s overhang and therefore protected from rain, on top of the broad support beam for the roof and against one of the exposed joists it is well-protected from wind.  The spot is not so good for us humans: above the main entry way for our home!  Last spring, in an effort to dissuade this robin from living above our entry way, we removed the nest as soon as she started building it.  She built it again immediately.  We removed it again.   Finally she dazzled us by building, in a frenzy of effort, a beautiful and sculptural nest: large, wrapped in layer upon layer of winter-bleached grasses and twigs, padded with leaves.  How could we resist?  We left it, she had two successful nests and we got to enjoy watching robins all spring and into the summer.  There was some daily clean up to this arrangement.  Worth it!  Here is the nest this year.  It is still beautiful after a long winter and windy start to spring.  Now she’s fixing it up again.  And this year she’s a welcome tenant.  Hope her work sparks your creative spirit, too.


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  1. Aw, I am so glad that you let her nest there. Enjoy your new pet bird(s)!

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