Studio Visit: Second Glimpse of the “Rhapsody Rose Corsage Pins” Lay-out

Here are the not-yet-felted pins, all fluffy and layered and waiting to be covered, wet, felted, cut into shape and fulled; then beaded and finished with pin backs.   If you click on the photo you can see the various fibers and fabrics, as well as those curly, shiny kid mohair locks.

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Studio Visit: “Rhapsody Rose Corsage Pin” Lay-out with MOOD Fabrics


The image above shows the start of laying out fibers for some “Rhapsody Rose Corsage” pins.  In the center of  my workspace, I’ve arranged three layers of various fibers, including several green colors of merino wool and a fluffy Finn wool in deep moss green, on top of bubble wrap that’s placed on top of some plastic shelf liner to keep the bubble wrap from sliding on my work table.  These fibers provide the base for the flowers, as well as providing some green “prefelt” yardage from which I’ll cut leaves for other work.  On top of this green layer, I place strips of silk fabric, including some of the silk fabrics from MOOD.  I nestle tendrils of curly kid mohair locks and my hand-spun yarns to overlap the strips of silk fabric; then cut leaves from green “prefelted” yardage I’ve previously made and arrange these leaves on top of the other elements; and finally I fashion a rose from some of my hand-spun and a few bits of silk fabric strips &/or some wisps of merino fiber, and place the rose on top.  I’ll craft four or five closely-spaced designs in this layout, then cover/wet/felt them.  I’ll carefully cut out each “corsage” while the fibers are still wet.  Finally, I’ll “full” (work to shrink) each Corsage individually, and gently coax the various elements into final shape.


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