Rhapsody Rose – Felted “Corsage” Pins

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These One-of-a-Kind,  felted “Corsage Pins” were so much fun to create.  I aimed for romantic; the fibers aimed for whimsical, probably led by those lustrous and lively baby goat curlycues —  “kid mohair locks” — from Wynham Farms in Colorado.  (Thank you, Kathy Martin, for making such lovely fibers available.)  Fibers include Merino wool, silk fiber, hand-dyed and other silk fabrics, my hand-spun “art yarn,” cashmere, and most importantly: kid mohair locks.  The beading for this series includes Swarovski (some are vintage Swarovski) crystals, as well as other glass and gemstone beads, and vintage buttons.  Useful to cheer up a lapel, to cinch a scarf or to embellish a sweater.  These corsages will not wilt.  Lovingly hand made.

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