The Hawk’s Dream

Recently reviewing the start of this blog — that was begun about one year ago at the threshold of a brand new year — I was reminded of my intention to use the blog to share about the process of finding synthesis, the weaving together of creative efforts with lifelong themes and day-to-day experiences and thoughts.  As the year ends, I’m so grateful for the blessings of this past year; and so hopeful and excited about the year ahead.    The above photo shows a very quick study I did yesterday of a Cooper’s Hawk, to see the shape and structure and pattern of the wings for a collar I’m doing, as part of a “Hawk’s Dream” series.   I fashioned the fluffy-ended yellow cords to use as ties in one collar (the fluffy ends allow me to embed the fibers into other fibers so the ties will become an integral part of the collar); and perhaps I’ll stitch and shape the thin cords into buttons or a pin closure for another collar.

Cooper’s Hawks nest near our property, the juvenile hawks swirl and play in the huge trees that surround our home, and the daily sights and sounds of the hawks provide a sense of awe and a wild energy to my very home-centered days.   This summer, working at my studio tables that face two very large picture windows that open to our back yard, I looked up to see a Cooper’s Hawk sitting on a cedar close to the house.  The hawk was sitting about as close to the house as it could get.  I was looking at the hawk, and the hawk was sitting watching me.  As I work in the studio, I’ll often hear the crows and blue jays going wild outside, and look out to see a hawk right above our house.   In traditional interpretations of animal totems, the hawk symbol suggests that one should not be distracted by details, but rather that one should seek some detachment and be observant; that by studying situations, one will know when it’s time for action.   I find the hawk’s presence to be such a good companion and teacher.

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