Jewel-Toned Yarn

The above photo, on the left side, shows my hand-carder loaded with fiber.  At the bottom of these layers of colorful fiber, unseen, is a layer of royal blue/purple merino fiber.  This is covered with a layer of the silks and other brightly-colored fibers that ARE visible in the photo.  For the jewel-toned fiber “recipe” being spun for this project, this layer of mostly silk gets covered with a layer of mostly white merino, silk, kid mohair and cashmere.  The three layers form a sort of “sandwich” of fiber: a nice thick layer of exquisite novelty fibers nestled between two layers of mostly merino.  After these layers of fiber on the carders are somewhat blended by a gentle brushing with the two hand carders,  and rolled up, the result is seen in the middle of the photo, the bright blue “batt” ready for spinning.  On the right is a small skein of  the yarn that’s been spun and is ready to be lightly felted — soaked in hot water with a bit of pure olive oil or lavender soap added for about a half hour; dipped in cold water with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice to remove all traces of soap; and then rinsed gently in hot water again.  Then the skein is rolled dry in a towel and each skein is “thwacked” about 20 times against a hard surface to get the fibers to “bloom.”  The bright yellow showing on the skein is mostly a lemon yellow yarn I use to tie the skein in five or six places to keep the twist and help it set when being lightly felted.

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  1. Such a physical process! I think it’s amazing that so many different kinds of fiber are combined in this process. In stores, most things are 100% Merino (or 100% something), but it’s so special to have all different kinds of fiber used in one piece.

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