Silks for a Jewel-Toned Scarf

I started carding and spinning yarn for a jewel-toned scarf.  As I looked through my stash of fiber, it was as if every color and every sort of fiber wanted to join in.   The challenge in this piece will be to feature several strong colors — bright pinks and rich purples, hints of red, with some greens — combining them in ways that highlight each color without having them compete with each other.   I’ll “ground” these brights with some black and white, but not too much black and white because I don’t want to muddle or subdue the bright colors.  Each time I layer the different fibers on my hand carders to create the fluffy batts from which I’ll spin the yarn, I’m creating a kind of abstract composition about a color: some batts are “about” purple; others are “about” the energy of hot pink shimmering next to deep green.   This abstract composition evolves as the fiber is spun; and then changes again in felted or crocheted form.  This photo, above, shows the silk fabrics (not yet ironed or torn into strips) I selected to use in the yarn.  Among the fabrics, hand-dyed silk from two artists and a sampling of silk chiffons from Mood, famous NYC garment district fabric warehouse.  I’m grateful for the fibers and for the jewel-toned work on my table!

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Detail of Art Yarn Collar

There’s a nice balance in securing the wild, asymmetrical fibers of an art yarn piece with a simple button, in this case a big vintage mother-of-pearl one. In this detail you can really see how shimmery the silk fibers look and how the strips of silk fabric add textured “tags” here and there.  I started this piece intending it to be primarily white, black and copper… and got carried away.

Two more views, above and below, showing different looks of the same scarf in different positions and with different sides of the 2-button closure.

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