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Hyancinth Art Yarn and Felt ScarfThis past year I have been determined to figure out how to maintain momentum in my creative work while babysitting my grandchild during the afternoons.  Wet feltmaking, which often leaves me up to my forearms in layers of fiber — or in the middle of very delicate detail work — was not the ideal art process for these cozy, cuddly afternoons of not knowing when or how long naptime might be.  Being in my felting studio conflicted with wanting to be within reach of the baby.  Similar conflict is experienced by every working artist/mom/grandma; and for me, this has been a re-experiencing of the effort to balance studio time and the rest of life that I struggled with as a mom.

I explored new ways to work with the fibers in my studio.  Last winter, the baby asleep within reach, I perused websites about art yarn and about hand-carding, hand-spinning and freeform crochet.   After much trial and error, I developed a technique of crafting art yarn and lightly felting it while it’s in the skein stage; this light felting process coaxes the different fibers to “bloom” into their different textures while it also sets the twist and makes for a strong, funky yarn.  I’ve been using this art yarn to craft scarves and collars; to join segments of my wet felted yardage; and to embellish felted work.  The process has been so creatively satisfying, purposeful, adaptable, blissful.   In the coming weeks I’ll share images of this new work on this blog.

And a reminder: art lessons and craft workshops make lasting gifts, support local artists, and do not contribute to the landfills…!Art Yarn Collar

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  1. I love the art yarn. It definitely is funky & so fashionable!

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