Working on designing an item to donate for the silent auction to benefit PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) Conference, in State College on February 4 – 6.  The theme for this year’s conference is “The Sustainable Challenge: Providing for a Livable Tomorrow.”    The past year, as I’ve worked full-time in the studio, I’ve often thought about how “sustainable” my art practice is: how much feltmaking can one do, for how long, at what cost?  Feltmaking is a physically-demanding art form.  It’s hard on the hands, all that wet, soapy, hot fiber that gets worked and worked.  Cost of materials continually rises, of course.  Time in the studio means time not available for other things.  To some extent, artmaking is an obsession: whatever work I’m doing always feels (when it’s done or sometimes, when it’s almost done) like “the piece I need to do to get to the other side.”  Stepping back and reflecting on HOW one wishes to work, and WHY, as an artist, is a healthy habit.  In the coming days I’ll be sketching designs, spinning some fibers and creating something — maybe a scarf or a tea cozy — reflecting the theme of “The Sustainable Challenge,”  to support PASA.   If the gods of technology smile on me, I’ll post photos here…    This morning, I read the wonderful felting blog by Nicola Brown, “Clasheen.”  She describes her current situation in a very cold Ireland: she has no water.  One photo on her blog shows snow being melted in a pot to brew some tea.  So Nicola set up her old loom and wove a scarf, since she didn’t have the water to do much feltmaking.  Her optimism and creativity are inspiring!

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