Felted Bookmarks

79088802_2961722207173567_4255237998108475392_n.jpgMerino, silk fibers and fabrics, lots of curly locks, and snippets of pre-felts I’ve made — assembled and wet-felted, then ironed flat; whimsical , softly glowing and soft as velvet; some for shops and some for gifts.

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Mimosa Theme Nuno-Felted Scarf: Image of Completed Piece

A few folks have asked for some images of the completed “Mimosa” nuno-felted scarf. Here are some images. Enjoy, and happy felting!

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Winter Sky: Carded Batt for Art Yarn

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Felted Mat with Dots & Curly Wool Locks


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Carded Batt Set for Spinning Art Yarn: Poodle Skirt Theme

A blend of merino, Cormo, silk fibers, and Cormo/BFL fleece; plus some silk fabric strips, the colors inspired by 1950’s fashion item: poodle skirts — to spin into art yarn.

fullsizeoutput_2c95 A detail of one of the mini-batts:


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Felted Scarf with lots & lots of curly locks and dots.

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A Felted Mat on the Theme “Raku”


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Therapeutic Curly Wool Locks

The dry layout of this felted scarf looks like a creature:IMG_3570IMG_3574The details of the surface design: dots and curly locks and silk fibers…

IMG_3578The completed scarf, now dry: The gold tendrils are mohair locks; the white tendrils are Teeswater lamb.  I love the softness and sweet little pearly curls at the tips of lamb locks.


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Small Felted Mats

I love to craft these functional pieces, and use them around the house to protect surfaces and add warmth, color, texture and a bit of whimsy.


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Images of Recent Felted Work


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